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Solid wood end grain cutting/serving board. 

Woods: cherry, maple, walnut

Chamfered edges underneath for easy lift & carry

Rubber feet attached with stainless steel screws.

Polished to 400 grit and finished with food grade mineral oil & beeswax.

Actual dimensions: 13" x 17" x 1 1/4" 


Comes with FREE:


3D pattern garlic board (approx 4"x6")

50g of Clapham's beeswax & lint free applicator cloth

10g of locally harvested Vancouver Island Sea Salt 


All shown in the last picture.


This is a one of a kind and truly unique board that I created from a collection of offcuts from past projects. It took 2 years and many other boards to accumulate the materials needed to build this board and the others like it. It's a functional piece of art that encapsulates my work & efforts from the past 2 years. 


I almost didn't make this one. I deemed all the pieces in this too small to do anything with and I actually had put them in my scrap bin before thinking twice and digging them back out and assembling them into what you see in the pictures. If you decide to purchase this one, you're purchasing something that was brought back from the brink of being firewood, something that almost didn't come into existence. That and your purchasing a piece made from what feels like all the zigzag boards I've ever built. For all those reasons, I deem this one pretty darn cool. 


For US residents: I direct the customs/duty charges to me to get this product right to your doorstep and save you any hassle. 

For orders outside of Canada & US, please contact for shipping quote. 

ZigZag Chaos 13" x 17"

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