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Solid wood end grain cutting/serving board. 

Woods: cherry, maple, walnut, sapele, white oak & a touch of purpleheart

Rubber feet attached with stainless steel screws.

Chamfered edges for easy lift & carry.

Polished to 400 grit and finished with food grade mineral oil & beeswax.

Actual dimensions: 18 1/4" x 18 1/4" x 1 1/4"  


Comes with FREE:


3D pattern garlic board (approx 4"x6")

50g of Clapham's beeswax & lint free applicator cloth

10g of locally harvested Vancouver Island Sea Salt 


All shown in the last picture.


This is a one of a kind and truly unique board that I created from a collection of offcuts from past projects. It took 2 years and many other boards to accumulate the materials needed to build this board and the others like it. It's a functional piece of art that encapsulates my work & efforts from the past 2 years. 


This particular board has pieces from the 3D pattern work I do, from both the optical illusion and zigzag patterns. It also has just a hint of some brick board pattern along with many other bits and pieces from many other chaos-style projects. 


For US residents: I direct the customs/duty charges to me to get this product right to your doorstep and save you any hassle. 

For orders outside of Canada & US, please contact for shipping quote. 

Chaos 18"x18"

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