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Thanks for stopping by the site! My name is Ryan and I love building things out of wood in my shop on Vancouver Island. I went through a carpentry apprenticeship in the late 2000's and it was during my time in trade school that I was introduced to woodworking. I simply fell in love with the craft. The concept of taking a raw material from the earth and turning it into something beautiful & practical completely blew my mind. I was hooked. 


Since then, I've had a wood obsession. For years, I practiced my "hobby" in a tiny, closed in, uninsulated carport. Then, as my wife and I moved to a new house, I practiced out of a one car garage. A big upgrade for me at the time! As 2021 kicked off, I decided that it was time to jump into pursuing this obsession of mine full time. Now my workspace is a 100 year old dairy barn turned woodworking shop!

I've been blessed in so many ways over the years and I want to give back by helping and inspiring others to build something. Especially something that they thought they couldn't do. I share my build process on my YouTube channel. I'll also be sharing my journey and life philosophy in my upcoming blog. 

Talk soon,




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"I just received this board today...a gift from my son. Your artistry and craftsmanship is unsurpassed! I make a lot of charcuterie boards for friends when we get together and I can guarantee you this will be the star of the show."

                                       - Karen, Florida


"Wow!!! Ryan, the board looks incredible!! I love the contrast and the variety of patterns in the wood. I can't wait to get it and put it to work. Something this beautiful needs to be used and shown. Thank you for doing this board for me. I truly appreciate it."

                                                                  -Mike, Indiana


"Cannot say enough beyond how happy we are with the board. Absolutely stunning. It's going to be a great addition to our kitchen. Thanks so very much Ryan. It's perfect."

                                       - David, Washington


"What can I say except "wow!" I am just blown away by the package you sent to me! I am going to give this beautiful masterpiece to my wife for her birthday Ryan rather than the wedding gift it was planned for in May. This is just an amazing and incredible, beautiful board! Thanks so very much, it's going to be great gift we both can cherish for years to come. The bag of goodies for maintaining the board was bomb! Thanks a million Ryan!"                                                                - Ron, British Columbia


"Just to let you know that the boards were released yesterday - they look amazing! Everyone in the office was super impressed."

                                                 -Rus, Guernsey